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Your first objective in buying Roatan real estate is to choose your Roatan realtor wisely because the requirements for becoming a Roatan realtor are not as sophisticated as in the US. After interviewing your agent and feeling comfortable you will be ready to view amazing island real estate with its beautiful Roatan beaches. Roatan Real estate transactions are similar, regardless of purchasing land on Roatan, condo or a home.

Once you have found the ideal Roatan property, an offer will be prepared by your agent. After your approval, the offer along with the earnest money will be submitted to the seller’s agents escrow account. The earnest money can range between 1-10% based on the motivation of buyer and seller, and is placed in the seller’s escrow account once the offer is accepted. Buyers of Real Estate in Roatan Honduras have five to ten business days to wire this earnest money to the seller’s agent.

Make sure you ask in your offer for the following  important documents:


  • DOCUMENTATION.  The SELLER agrees to provide to the BROKER all the documentation and information related to the Property including copies of:

    • the registered Title Deeds Escritura Publica and any recorded exceptions to title
    • a stamped Certificacion Catastral in the name of the Seller suitable for closing
    • a survey of the property prepared and stamped by a Honduras licensed surveyor
    • Municipal paid property tax receipts for current year
    • Latest Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and/or Home Owner Association Regulations for the Property (if applicable).
    • a description of any current or threatened law suits
    • SELLER’s ID (Passport, Residency card, Honduras ID)
    • SELLER’s RTN Certificate
    • a detailed Inventory of furnishings, appliances, equipments, etc

    (this to be generated by Seller or Seller’s Agnt and Buyer’s Agent upon deposit

    and, if the Property is owned by a Honduras Corporation;

    • Corporation Constitution registered Escritura Publica and RTN Certificate
    • All registered changes to the Corporation Constitution
    • Corporation Stock Certificates (if applicable)


    Note: Signer(s) of Listing Agreement must have sufficient powers to sell the Property;

    • either because they personally are the named legally registered owner, or
    • have been granted a registered Power of Attorney to represent the SELLER, or
    • by powers granted to them by the Constitution of the Honduran Corporation (if applicable).


If you are interested in more than three-fourths of an acre, your next step is hiring a Roatan Island attorney who will represent your best interest. In Roatan, foreigners cannot own more than three-fourths of an acre unless they establish a Honduran corporation. Your Roatan Real Estate Agent can assist you with referrals of attorneys who can facilitate in setting up a company for you. Be sure all attorney fees are clearly stated before signing on. The cost is usually anywhere from 5.0 to 5.9% if a mortgage is part of it.

sunsetAn important step is for your Roatan attorney to clear the deed and insure the Roatan property’s title and expedite the process. Next the title commitment will be given by a trusted title company.

Once the lawyer approves the paperwork you are ready to close. Normally a closing date is somewhere between 30 to 90 days depending on your financing. Cash transactions are most common, however financing is available with down payments of 50% or more, and interests somewhere in the 8% range. Often a homeowner will agree to finance. 

Roatan Buyers or sellers do not have to be present at closing as long as their Roatan Real Estate Agent has been given power of attorney to sign. Within three months you will receive the registered deed, corporate documents and your shares. These shares are your ownership in the property and are required in determining who is the rightful owner. Your lawyer here in Roatan will provide this package to you including the title commitment.

Tip: At the municipality pay your property taxes in advance and change your cadastral certification name for fifty dollars. You will have the option to pay your taxes a few years in advance.

If you have any detailed questions please feel free to contact us anytime. We would love to assist you.

Roatan Lawyer that we have been using is JORGE LAFOSSE

He is very respected on Roatan and have been helping many of our clients to close on their properties as well as assist them with residencies. For their telephone numbers just contact us and we pass it along.