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Pristine Bay Lots

Build a Home on your own Lot

Interested in building a custom home on your own lot in Pristine Bay? We have the first two phases of our Residential Lots available already. Land in phase 1 went extremely fast, so we're now selling lots in Phase 2 as of early March. Take a look at the maps below to see which one would be best for you.

Phase 1

Below is a map of Phase 1. The lots with red dots on them have already been sold. Over 50% of the lots in Phase 1 are already sold.

Pristine Bay Residential Lots 3001 to 3019

Lot 3018 Lot 3017 Lot 3016 Lot 3015 Lot 3014 Lot 3013 Lot 3012 Lot 3011 Lot 3007 Lot 4054 Lot 4053 Lot 4052 Lot 4051 Lot 4050 Lot 4049 Lot 4048 Lot 4047 Lot 4046 Lot 4045 Lot 4044 Lot 4043 Lot 4042 Lot 4035 Lot 4033 Lot 4029 Lot 4025 Lot 4024 Lot 4023 Lot 4019 Lot 4018 Lot 4017 Lot 4016 Lot 4014 Lot 4013 Lot 4006 Lot 4005 Lot 4004 Lot 4003 Lot 4002 Lot 4001Phase 2

Below is a map of Phase 2. These lots became available in early March and are going to move fast as three holes of the Black Pearl golf course surround these lots. The lots with red dots on them have already been sold.

Pristine Bay Lot Locations

Below is a map of the 405 acre Pristine Bay Resort. Phases 1 and 2 highlighted in yellow are available while Phase 3 has not begun production.

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