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Why Invest in Roatan

Home in Roatan

1. Best kept secret in the Caribbean.

With some calling it the best kept secret in the entire Caribbean, Roatan has the second largest reef in the world after the Great White Barrier Reef in Australia, which makes it one of the most beautiful diving spots in the World.

2. Return on investment (ROI).

Property values have been increasing up to 5% a month over the last 3 years in many cases.

3. Trusted Title companies.

The presence of American and Stewart Title Company will allow you to feel confident in you investment.

4. International Banks.

City Bank and HSBC maintain branches on the island helping to keep your finances secure.

5. The Weather.

Temperate climate all year around! See the weather map

6. Low incorporation expense.

Inexpensive cost for incorporation which facilitates in investing in properties.

7. Direct flights.

Direct flights from several major cities including; Atlanta, Houston, Toronto and Milan (Italy).

8. Closing costs.

Lower closing costs than anywhere else in the Caribbean.

9. Minimal property taxes.

The annual property taxes are less than 0.3%.


A tax duty free zone similar to the Cayman Islands with only 4% Capital Gains Tax.

11. Close to city life.

Only a 2 and a half hour flight to both Houston and Atlanta

12. Popular cruise destination.

Carnival Cruise Lines  and Norwegian have successfully completed two new Cruise Ship Docks in 2009. These docks will bring over two million cruise ship tourists to the island every year.

13. Affordable.

Roatan is still one of the most affordable islands in the Caribbean compared to Costa Rica or the Cayman Islands.

14. Government Stability.

Honduras has had a stable Democratic government since 1982 regardless of what the media has been showing in the past view months.

15. The Scenery.

Topography of the island makes it an amazing landmark and a must see.